Arriving on campus via shuttle?
Or staying in the campus Residence Halls?

Your first steps

Please Read Please carefully!

  1. Exit the shuttle at the Nathan Hale Inn/Rome drop off on campus
  2. Check into the residence halls or hotel:
    • If you are staying at the Nathan Hale Inn, please proceed to the hotel front desk.
    • If you are staying at the Best Western hotel, please wait at the shuttle drop off area for the Best Western shuttle. Please refer to the Best Western Shuttle schedule.
    • If you are staying in either the premium or standard residence halls, you must check in on the ground level of the Rome Commons Building (Rome on the campus map). There is a 24-Hour Housing Desk located there and the UConn staff will provide you with all of the housing information you need. Here you will receive your building and room keys and your meal cards (if you have elected to have a meal plan during the week).

      Special note for people staying in the standard residence halls

      After you check in at the 24 housing desk in Rome, please proceed back to the shuttle drop off area where you will get on the Campus Shuttle, which will bring you to your residence halls. You will be staying in the Ellsworth residence hall (HRH on the campus map)

  3. Check in at the Conference Registration Table

    Conference registration will be held in the Jorgensen Auditorium (JORG on the campus map). Please see the registration desk hours. Here you will receive your name badge, registration packet, and other ICAP handouts.

  4. Enjoy your week at the University of Connecticut!

News & Events

April 6, 2009 - Conference proceedings available for download
July 23, 2008 - After-arrival steps posted
July 23, 2008 - Airports, MIT, and BW hotel shuttles information posted
July 22, 2008 - Registration desk hours posted
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