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Frequently asked questions about accepted abstracts

  1. If my abstract has been accepted?

    Yes, if you successfully submitted your abstract(s), i.e. you have your abstract(s)' ID(s), and you have not recieved a rejection notice.

  2. Can I make changes in my abstract text?

    No, the Book of Abstracts has been sent to the publisher.

  3. What is the size of the poster board?

    The dimensions of each poster board are 3'10" (116cm) high by 5'10" (178cm) wide.

  4. How I can find when is my Poster Session and what is my poster board(s) number(s)?

    This is a two step process.
    1. Find the page(s) where you abstract(s) are printed in Book of Abstracts using the Author Index
    2. The top header of your abstract page indicates the Poster Category, which may be different from what you indicated upon submission, and the abstract code, e.g. MO136, TU137, TH138. The letter part of the code indicates the day of the week of your poster session. The number part is the poster board No.

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