Final Exam

  • On: takehome test, due Fri, Dec 13
  • Review sessions: Sun, Dec 7, 11am, P121; Mon, Dec 8, 1pm, M407
  • Final exam (pdf, 113K), last updated December 01, 2014

Midterm II

  • On: takehome test, opens Wed, Nov 12
  • Covers the material from: C programming; algorithms; computer representation of integers and floating point numbers; errors in numerical algorithms; solving differential equations.
  • Review session: by appointment
  • Midterm II (pdf, 215K), last updated December 08, 2014

Midterm I

  • On: Wednesday, October 8, 2014; regular class time/place
  • "Open notes"
  • Covers the material from homework assignments 1-5 (problems and videos): C programming; programmer toolbox - git, make; command line interface
  • Review sessions: Monday, October 6, 3:15PM, in P103A
  • Programming project (pdf, 90K), last updated October 13, 2014
    Skeleton code for the programming project