SUSANNE YELIN  Professor of Physics

University of Connecticut U-3046
2152 Hillside Road
Storrs, CT 06269-3046
UConn Physics Department

Room No: P-111
Tel: (860) 486 4899
Fax: (860) 486 3346



Theoretical quantum optics is my main research interest, that is, the quantum scale interaction of light with atoms, molecules, or solid state materials.
Quantum optics not only displays the principles of quantum mechanics in their purest form but also makes them visible on a rather macroscopic scale which can lead to many surprising effects. One of those is so-called electromagnetically induced transparency, i.e., the suppression of resonant light absorption, which happens without decreasing the interaction strength. In my group, we use such effects for the study of nonlinear and many body effects, e.g., quantum information processing, superradiance, or atomic metamaterials. The success of these projects is based on (a) the fact that light can probe and manipulate the response of atoms (and other quantum systems) and (b) the use of so-called quantum interference.
Recent highlights of our research include ideas on cooperative light manipulations with dilute single layers of atoms, dynamic refractive index without absorption, entanglement in cooperative/superradiant systems. As is typical for this field, we have some very close collaborations with experimental groups.


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