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Ronald L. Mallett
Documentaries and Videos


  • The History Channel "The Universe: Unexplained Mysteries" (2008) (documentary)
    An episode of "The Universe" on the History Channel in which Ronald Mallett discusses mysteries about time travel such as 'Is time travel possible and does Einstein's theory of relativity support it?'
    25 February 2008 ( The History Channel ) (11 minutes)
    History Channel episode featuring Ronald Mallett

  • "CNN International" (2007) (video)
    28 September 2007 ( International Television Broadcast)
    CNN Today
    : Adrian Finighan's interview of Ronald L. Mallett. (7 minutes)

  • "Richard and Judy" (2007) (video)
    15 August 2007 (British Television Broadcast)
    Channel 4 : Professor Ronald Mallett joins Judy Finnigan & Richard Madeley of the popular British daytime talk show "Richard & Judy". (9 minutes)

  • "UConn-TV Presentation" (2007) (documentary)
    UCTV : University of Connecticut interview of Professor Ronald Mallett regarding his time travel research and his recently published memoir "Time Traveler". (4 minutes)

  • "Prophets of Science Fiction" (2006) (documentary)
    A documentary on the uncanny visions of science fiction writers, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Dr. Ronald Mallett appears in the segment on "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. (60 minutes)
  • "The World's First Time Machine" (2003) (documentary)
    Directed by Ben Bowie and featuring Ronald Mallett, this BBC / Discovery Channel documentary premiered in the USA on The Learning Channel on December 3, 2003. This documentary features some of Dr. Mallett's current time travel research. It has since been shown numerous times on The Science Channel. (60 minutes)

    Selected clips from "The World's First Time Machine":
  On the set of
"The World's First Time Machine"

(Documentary, 2003) - Ron Mallett, right, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, talks about his theories on traveling through time for a BBC documentary film. The TV crew are, from left, cameraman Matthew Hautley, producer/director Ben Bowie, and in the center photographing Mallett is soundman Christopher Sheedy.

[Photo by Shannon McAvoy]

[Photo by Robert Parkey]

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