Julia programming

Why we created Julia

by Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, Viral Shah, Alan Edelman

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  • Introduction to Numerical Analysis, MIT 18.330, Spring 2016

    "This course is an exploration of the art and science of extracting numbers from mathematical expressions. The material we will cover may be broadly divided into two units.

    Unit 1 is all about basic numerical calculus. We will discuss elementary methods for obtaining accurate numerical estimates of integrals, derivatives, and infinite sums. This unit will include discussions of extrapolation, interpolation, root-finding, optimization, and evaluation of special functions."

    The theme of Unit 2 of the course, Fourier analysis and spectral methods. "is that we can often revolutionize the speed and accuracy of a calculation by approximating a function as an expansion in some convenient set of expansion functions -- often a set of orthogonal functions. Our discussion of orthogonal-function expansions will begin, as must any, with the granddaddy of them all: the Fourier series and its immediate descendants (the Fourier transform, Parseval's and related theorems, the FFT, etc.). Then we will broaden the setting to consider more general classes of functions and more general spectral methods: Gaussian quadrature, Chebyshev polynomials, ... and more."

  • Modern Applications of Numerical Linear Algebra, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, Summer 2016

    The course consists of three modules:

    • Module A - Short Julia Course
    • Module B - Eigenvalue and Singular Value Decompositions
    • Module C - Applications
    The course is presented through twenty one-hour lectures and ten two-hour tutorials.

  • Mathematical computing, Spring 2016

  • Computational Physics, Spring 2016

Julia documentation

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Julia unofficial anime character

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Hello, I am Julia-tan #JuliaLang (unofficial) anime character!

You can use my picture in Non-Commercial use by following CC BY-NC-SA license Creative Commons License .

If you would like to use my picture in Commercial use (such as using a picture in cover-page of the books), please consult to Takeshi Kimura (twitter: @kimrin).

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