Richard T. Jones, Associate Prof. of Physics, University of Connecticut,


Mentor Connection: High School Students in Research

The University of Connecticut Mentor Connection provides talented high school students from New England and around the country an opportunity to work with a university faculty mentor on a research project during a 3-week program held on the Storrs campus each summer. In July 2005 two footballers from Bridgeport Connecticut, Okey Gubor and Kennedy Oghayore tackled nuclear physics. The challenge of their three-week project was to design and build an experiment to test a new kind of detector that is sensitive to very low levels of light, so dim that it comes in tiny flashes known as photons. Read the press account of their exploits, or see their slide show for more details.

Undergraduate Students in Research

Our group is actively seeking undergraduates in physics and other majors who would like to gain some experience in scientific research during their studies. Opportunities exist for summer research at all levels, and for senior research projects for physics majors. below.

Graduate Students

Our group is seeking graduate students who want to work in the area of experimental nuclear/particle physics. The present focus of our research is on fixed-target experiments at Jefferson Lab. Experiments in this field are carried out by collaborations of researchers from many institutions, domestic and foreign, which gives a student good opportunities for exposure beyond the local university environment.

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