The UConn Planetarium

The UConn Planetarium was built in 1954 by Provost Al Waugh. It is the oldest planetarium in Connecticut and is maintained in a semi-historic state for this reason. It has a 16 foot dome and a model A1 Spitz star and planet projector with several custom designed special effects projectors; it seats 25. The planetarium is used primarily for instruction in the Physics 1025, Introductory Astronomy Course; however, it is available for special shows at any time by reservation. Available shows include slide-tape presentations by the Hansen Planetarium, such as "Einstein", written for the Einstein Centennial, "Star Gazers of Early Mexico", "Voyage to the Universe", "Springtime of the Universe", "Indian Star Legends", "Dawn of Astronomy" and others. The planetarium is also available to education students who wish to design and give individualized planetarium shows, and other interested groups.

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