UConn Physics Observatory

Observing sessions are held on clear evenings during the semester from Monday through Friday and occasionally on weekends. These sessions last about an hour, and consist of a general orientation to the skies, pointing out prominent constellations, the brighter stars and planets as available, followed by a telescope tour of several celestial objects, such as planets, globular clusters, double stars, galactic clusters, galaxies, etc. Special sessions are scheduled for unusual events of public interest, such as lunar eclipses and prominent comets. For the day's observing schedule during the academic semester, check http:/www.phys.uconn.edu/observatory for latest update on Regular observing sessions after 6:30 pm, to check if a session will be held and its time. (Times may vary due to the schedule of illumination on the nearby athletic field.)

The UConn Physics Observatory is located on the roof of the Physics Building at the corner of North Eagleville Road and Hillside Road; take the elevator to the fourth floor of the Physics Building and go to the center of the building to the flight of steps leading onto the roof where a night observing assistant will meet you and conduct the session. Visitors are welcome at any session, but children should be escorted.

For further information contact Dr. Peterson's home page.