A Painting Portfolio

Igor Senderovich
My work in painting of the last few years. There is also some incidental photography.
18"x24", Oil on canvas.

Inspired by the expression of a passionate violist.
30"x24", Oil on canvas

First full scale attempt at oil painting.
Site: Ithaca Falls, Ithaca, NY

18"x24", Oil on canvas.

A failed painting... remains perhaps for decoration purposes.
Site: Wolf's Pond Park, Staten Island, NY
18"x24", Oil on canvas.
16"x20", Oil on canvas.

An etude focusing on the eyes. (Excuse the roughly-drawn lower half of the face and loosely filled-in canvas.)  The eyes are of F. Murray Abraham playing the role of Salieri in "Amadeus". I caught this in one frame in a confession scene, in which he recalls the realization of his mediocrity: yearning for the divine while tied down to earth.
12"x16", Oil on canvas board.

A study of an awkward sitting pose.
12"x16", Oil on canvas board.

A study for a painting that was to capture a gesture of the chorus leader in "Antigone", performed at the Schwartz Center in Cornell in the fall of 2003.

What is wrong with the symmetry?
20"x16", Oil on canvas.

A more elaborate sketch of the gesture in study above.
24"x12", Oil on canvas.

The painting for which I was making the preparations shown above.  Should I have stuck with a rough sketch? Well, at least I learned the value of spontaneity.
24"x18", Oil on canvas.

Yet another painting that lost its meaning before it was even complete.

16"x20", Oil on canvas.

An improvisation on a New York Times photograph relating to the report about Nemont Mining company's pollution of  Buyat Bay in Indonesia.

The father's expression in the photograph speaks for itself, but I thought I would try to bring out some elements that seemed most important to me.

Oil on canvas.

18"x24", Oil on canvas.

...a focus on intimate space, something that was a side theme in previous paintings.

24"x18", Oil on canvas.

A study based on an earlier painting with a step away from my usual texture and tones.

24"x20", Oil on canvas.
By: Diana Golden and Igor Senderovich

A collaborative project that turned out to be very interesting new experience for Igor.
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