Portrait of Igor Senderovich Igor Senderovich Postdoctoral Scholar Curriculum Vitae



Postdoctoral Work

P.I.: Barry Ritchie
Experiments: FROST, GlueX [site] [wiki] at Jefferson Lab

Graduate Work

Advisor: Richard T. Jones
Group:   Experimental Research Group in Nuclear Physics (part of UConn PAN group) (see group wiki)

Active Projects with GlueX (Hall D in Jefferson Lab)


Private Tutoring
Previous activities:
Q-Center, Physics Learning Resource Center (PLRC)
Lab Instruction:
  • Introductory Mechanics Lab.
  • Astronomy
  • Intermediate Lab in E&M and Mechanics
  • Electronics Lab


Personal Pursuits:
Painting in oil and sketching, occasionally other media
Playing violin (teacher: Theodore Arm)

In the Bay Area for DNP '08    Chicago Trip (3/2007)
An Evening with Friends    Early Graduate School Days...
Italy (Winter 2008)    June 2011 trips: Krakow, Munich, Milan, Madison


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Grad Seminar: Introduction to Beamer [pdf]  [source

Statistics ClusterUseful applications on-the-goFun physics t-shirt
Kinga Neder - personal website, Studiemeesters, Amsterdam, NL
Naxos Music Library (UConn subscription: may require VPN access off-site)
Mark Harden's Artchive

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