Michael G. Rozman

Department of Physics
University of Connecticut
2152 Hillside Road, U-3046
Storrs, CT 06269, USA
Phone: (860) 486 5827, Fax: (860) 486 3346


Areas of research:
properties of multiphase materials, theory of friction and dynamical processes at surfaces and interfaces, nonlinear dynamical systems and classical chaos, theoretical optical spectroscopy of condensed matter, nonlinear and quantum optics

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  • Programming languages: FORTRAN, C/C++
  • Operating systems: UNIX/Linux, Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP
  • Numerical methods: large scale linear algebra problems; large scale optimization problems; adaptive numerical integration; integral transforms; partial and ordinary differential equations; stochastic differential equations; computational geometry; unstructured mesh generation; finite element methods
  • Monte Carlo methods, Molecular Dynamics methods
  • Development of large simulation software systems
  • Computer graphics and visualization: Ray tracing methods, programming in POSTSCRIPT, VRML
  • Computer Algebra Systems: REDUCE, Maple, Matematica
  • Parallel Programming, MPI
  • WEB publishing, CGI programming
  • System administration: mixed Linux/Windows/Mac cluster, firewalls & security, web server, mail server, Kerberos, LDAP

Industrial research experience.

May 1996 -- Aug. 1996 NORDITA Baltic Fellow, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov. 1992 -- Nov. 1994 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Germany


Apr. 2000 -- present visiting research associate, Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut.
Project: restoration of multiphase media from correlation functions
Aug. 1997 -- March 2000 Visiting Scientist, Department of Materials, Institute of Polymers, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland.
Project: numerical modeling of multiphase composite materials
May 1995 -- Apr. 1997 Visiting Scientist, School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Project: friction in nanoscale lubricating films
Nov. 1992 -- Nov. 1994 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Department of Theoretical Physics, Ulm University, Germany.
Project: quantum tunneling
Oct. 1987 -- Mar. 1988 Visiting Scientist, Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, USSR.
Project: quantum solitons
Mar. 1984 -- present Research Fellow, Institute of Physics, Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia.


Ph.D. March 1984 Theoretical Physics, from Institute of Physics, Estonian Academy of Sciences  
M.Sc. June 1980 Theoretical Physics, from Tartu University, graduated with honors  

Personal Data:

Languages: English, German, Russian
Citizenship: Estonia
Family Status: married, two daughters

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