J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Phys. 17, 2241-2250 (1984)

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Vibronic spectra of a molecule in a laser field

V Hizhnyakov, V Loorits, M Rozman, and A Tuul
Inst. of Phys., Acad. of Sci., Tartu, Estonia
Received 20 February 1984

The problem of optical spectra of a molecule in a strong monochromatic field is considered within the framework of a simple numerically solvable quantum mechanical model. In this model two nondegenerate electronic states and one vibrational mode with different equilibrium positions in different electronic states are taken into account. The calculated spectra show a new vibrational structure, with the quantum exceeding that of a free molecule, and also weak satellites of strong lines. Considerable changes of spectra with a small variation of laser frequency in the region of resonances with vibronic transitions and some other effects are also found and discussed. It is shown that orientational averaging does not lead to the disappearance of peculiarities in the spectrum.

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