Physics 3101, Mechanics I
(Fall Semester 2010)

Course Description:
Physics 3101 (Mechanics I) covers the following topics: Newton's laws of motion, Euler-Lagrange equations, variational principles and equations of motion, Hamilton's principle, conserved quantities, rigid bodies and tops, introduction to nonlinear mechanics and chaos.

Michael Rozman

phone: 860 486 5827
office: Room P327 in Physics Building

Office Hours:
Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in P322 Physics Building and/or by appointment.

Course Texts:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11:00 AM -- 11:50 PM in room M407, Math Building.

Computer Lab:
Physics Computer Lab P122, time to be arranged.

Course Webpage:

Email to is the preferred method to contact the instructor. Please include the string ``[phys3101]'' (without quotes) in the subject of your email, e.g. ``[phys3101] midterm II retake''. Phone calls are returned at the discretion of the instructor.

Weekly homework assignments

Honors conversion:
Students interested in honors conversion should contact the instructor during the first week of classes.

There will be two lecture-hour midterm exams and an open-book cummulative final exam.

Grading scheme:

The course grade will be calculated using the following scheme.

Homework 30%
Midterms 40%
Final exam 30%