Physics 246, Mechanics II
(Spring Semester 2007)

Course Description:
Physics 246 (Mechanics II) covers the following topics: Euler-Lagrange and Hamiltonian equations, introduction to nonlinear mechanics and chaos, relativistic mechanics, hydrodynamics and elasticity.

Ideas are illustrated and supported with physical examples. There is extensive use of computing for symbolic analysis and simulations.

Michael Rozman

phone: 860 486 5827
office: P327, Physics Building

Office Hours:
Wednesdays and Fridays from Noon to 2:00 PM in P327 Physics Building and/or by appointments.

Email to is the preferred method to contact the instructor. Please include the string ``[phys246]'' in the subject of your email. Phone calls are returned at the discretion of the instructor.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11:00 AM -- 11:50 AM in room M407, Mathematical Sciences Building.

Computer Lab:
Physics Computer Lab P122, time to be arranged.


Doing problems was the best way to learn, therefore homeworks constitute a very important part of P246. The classical mechanics concepts can be quite difficult and it is only by going through the details of calculations that you can achieve mastery. The homeworks will count as 30% of the overall grade. Weekly problem sets will be posted on the web site 7-10 days before due date. The worked out solutions will be due by 6 PM on Monday in Room P327.

There will be three lecture-hour midterms and an open-book Final.

What to bring for exams:
ID, scientific calculator, letter-size card with notes (optional)

Grading scheme:

The course grade will be calculated using the best of Plans A or B.

  Plan A Plan B
Homework 30% 30%
Midterms 40% 30%
Final 30% 40%