The Group

Current and past members of the group:

Phone numbers: (860) 486-xxxx,
Fax: (860) 486-3346

Prof. Robin Côté All 114 4912
Office Staff Main office
107 4915
Dr. Ionel Simbotin Atom-molecule 116 6571
Dr. Jovica Stanojevic Rydberg/QIS 116 6571
Dr. Marko Gacesa Atom-ion 320 3670
Dr. Jia Wang Scattering/Rydberg 320 3670
PhD students
Di Shu Scattering 320 3670
Past Postdocs, Students, and Visitors
Sandipan Banarjee Molecules Student Ph.D. 2013
Jason Byrd Molecules Student Ph.D. 2013
Ionel Simbotin Scattering Student Ph.D. 2012
Zoran Pavlovic Scattering Student Ph.D. 2011
Nolan Samboy Rydberg Student Ph.D. 2011
Marko Gacesa Scattering Student Ph.D. 2010
Elizabeth Taylor-Juarros Molecules Student Ph.D. 2007
Jovica Stanojevic Rydberg Student Ph.D. 2007
Dr. Shubas Ghosal Scattering/Molecules Postdoc
Dr. Diego Valente Scattering/Molecules Postdoc
Dr. Elena Kuznetsova QIS Postdoc
Dr. Philippe Pellegrini Atom-ion Postdoc
Dr. Marijan Koštrun BEC-BCS Postdoc
John Calsamiglia Rydberg Postdoc
Christophe Boisseau Rydberg Postdoc
Ying Wu Quantum Optics Visiting Professor
Clemens Gneiting Quantum reflection Exchange student

Group Picture

Group 2013

Group Picture

Group Spring 2002 (Left to right): John Calsamiglia, Clemens Gneiting, Ionel Simbotin, Zoran Pavlovic,
Robin Côté, and Elizabeth Taylor-Juarros

Not shown: Philippe Pellegrini and Jovica Stanojevic