Physics 262Q, Spring 2004
Quantum Mechanics II

Professor Kyungseon Joo

Office: Physics Building P410
Phone: (860) 486-4469
Fax: (860) 486-3346

Course Syllabus

Class Hours and Room:
Class Hours: Mon., Wed. and Fri. 10:00 am - 10:50 am
Class Room: MSB 407

Office Hours and Room:
Hours: Walk-in or by appointments
Room: P410

Homework Grader: Mr. Lu Zhao

Homework Assignment:
Homework exercises listed below. Numbered problems from "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" by D. J. Griffiths:

Problem Set 1: Q1. Griffiths 6.1; Q2. Griffiths 6.3; Solutions Page1
Problem Set 2: Q1. Griffiths 6.5; Q2. Griffiths 6.8; Solutions Page1, Page2
Problem Set 3: Q1. Griffiths 6.32; Solutions Page1, Page2, Page3
Problem Set 4: Q1. Griffiths 6.14; Q2. Griffiths 6.15; Solutions Page1
Problem Set 5: Q1. Griffiths 6.21; Q2. Griffiths 6.26; Solutions Page1
Problem Set 6: Q1. Griffiths 7.1; Q2. Griffiths 7.3; Solutions Page1
Problem Set 7: Q1. Griffiths 7.9; Q2. Griffiths 7.11; Solutions Page1, Page2
Problem Set 8: Q1. Griffiths 8.1; Q2. Griffiths 8.2; Page1
Problem Set 9: Q1. Griffiths 8.10; Page1, Page2
Problem Set 10: Q1. Griffiths 9.7; Q2. Griffiths 9.10; Solutions Page1, Page2
Problem Set 11: Q1. Griffiths 9.20; Q2. Griffiths 11.1; Solutions Page1, Page2, Page3

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