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Prospective Students

Most Geophysics students are channelled through the Geosciences, Physics and the engineering programs at UConn.

How to Apply for the Geophysics Graduate Program at UConn:

Step 1: Getting an application

Visit the University of Connecticut Graduate School web site for information about obtaining the necessary application forms.

Step 2: Filling out the application

Your application should consist of five or six parts (depending on whether TOEFL is required):

  1. The formal application form provided by the Graduate School together with the application fee
  2. All transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended
  3. TOEFL and TSE scores are also required for non-native English speakers
  4. Formal copies of GRE scores for the General test
  5. Three academic letters of reference from faculty members who best know you and your work
  6. Your personal essay (2 pages)

While most of the application is self-explanatory, you may find the following pointers helpful:

  1. Transcripts and test scores: These must be formal (certified) copies.
  2. Letters of recommendation: The individuals who furnish your letters of reference should provide candid evaluations of your aptitude, training, motivation, scholarly promise, teaching talent, and ability to express yourself orally and in writing. Detailed comments are much more useful to the Admissions Committee than broad generalizations.
  3. Personal Essay: We require all applicants to provide a personal essay, which should be no more than two pages long. This statement should include reasons for undertaking graduate study, your short-term and long-term plans, and what specific projects or research you would like to undertake as a graduate student. For the latter you will find it useful to establish contacts with specific prospective faculty advisors in our program. Your essay should also highlight your motivation for doing graduate work, any relevant training or professional experiences you have had, and academic honors, scholarships, fellowships or other awards you have received. You may also want to discuss your academic strengths and any weaknesses you perceive. The objective is to provide as complete a picture of you as an individual as possible to the Admissions Committee, including and stressing information that goes beyond just numbers and scores. Detailed and well thought out comments are much more valuable to the Committee than generalizations.

Step 3: Submitting your application

Submission prior to January 10 is strongly encouraged for fall admission. The corresponding application deadline for spring admission is October 1 . Applications submitted after these target dates will receive full consideration for admission to graduate school, but late applicants may miss opportunities for teaching assistantships and scholarships.

Important note: All materials are to be submitted directly to the Graduate School ! The Graduate School encourages online submission of your actual application, but everything that is not submitted online (e.g. letters of reference, personal essay, etc.) must be mailed to the following address:

University of Connecticut
Graduate School
438 Whitney Road, Ext., Unit 1006
Storrs, CT 06269-1006

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