Pysics 132

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Physics 132 -- Spring 2000

This is an introductory (calculus based) course in electricity and magnetism, and optics.

We will be using `University Physics - Vol. 2' by Sanny and Moebs (Wm. C. Brown Publishers) as our text.

Please remember that learning physics can be fun when you think about concepts and understand them for yourself. Hope you would make every effort to use various forms of help available during the semester, including our resource center and scheduled office hours. You can also consider making an appointment to see me, if you need to discuss course related matters. I do value your course related input.

Exams and related topics: There will be a mid-term and final exam, in addition to several quizzes. The lab grade will be worth 35% of the final grade. The breakdown of the rest is as follows; Final (30%), mid-term(20%), quizzes (15%).

Wednesday, January 26

Lecture 1: Static electricity - positive and negative charges

Static electricity, positive and negative charges, conductors and insulators, interaction between charged particles, charge conservation, Coulomb's Law.

Lecture 2 (Friday, January 28)

Electrostatic Fields and Potentials I.

Lecture 3 (Monday, January 31)

Electrostatic Fields and Potentials II.

Lecture 4 (Wednesday, February 2)

Gauss's Law, Equipotential Surfaces.