PHYS 4100/GEOL 4550/5550

Physics of the Earth







I.  Introduction -- dimensional analysis, units, parameterization of

earth structure and properties.




II.Seismology:  Kinematics -- travel times, velocities, earth structure, radially symmetric structure, 3-D structure and tomography.


274. seismogram reading

374 seismogram reading and velocity inversion


III.  Seismology:  Dynamics -- earthquake and explosion sources, magnitude

moment tensors and focal mechanisms, plate motions


274: graphical representation of fault plane solutions

374: graphical representation of fault plane solutions; far-field representation of seismic sources, including force-double couple as a gradient of 3-D delta function dotted into moment tensor


III.           Gravity  -- density distribution of the earth, isostasy


274. gravity anomaly interpretation; estimates of root depth

374. gravity anomaly interpretation; estimates of root depth and spherical harmonic representation of potential


IV.          Geothermometry -- heat flow of the earth, temperature distribution (geotherm), thermal structure of mid-ocean ridges and trenches, whole mantle convection.


274.   heat flow measurements and simple estimates of thermal history from diffusivity values

374. heat flow measurments and solutions of diffusion equation


V.  Geomagnetism -- magnetization of rocks, magnetic field of the earth and its secular variation, dynamo theories, core formation and structure


274.   paleomagnetism and secular variations

374.  paleomagnetism and secular variations; downward extrapolation from spherical harmonics and estimates of outer core flow structure