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Ultracold Atoms and Molecules

Welcome to the Ultracold Atoms and Molecules Group:

We conduct research in a broad range of topics, theoretically and experimentally, related to ultracold atoms and molecules

  • Theory: we study the interaction of atoms with atoms or molecules and their scattering properties (e.g., their scattering lengths or their inelastic collisions), ultracold atoms in optical lattices (e.g. the superfluid-Mott insulator transition in bosonic samples), non-linear effects (e.g., in slow-light and EIT processes), the formation of ultracold molecules (e.g., using photoassociation near Feshbach resonances).
  • Experiment: we probe ultracold atomic samples of Rb atoms to control their scattering properties, and to for ultracold molecules (Rb2 and KRb). We investigate ultracold molecules by obtaining precise spectra that reveal their inner structure. We also study their interaction with external field and among themselves. These will lead to exploring degenerate molecular gases.




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