Physics 6110: Atomic Physics
Fall Semester, 2010

Robin Côté



Additional Material

Date Lecture Content

Aug. 30 Lecture 1: Intro.,
Spectral lines, Bohr model, and units.
Brief overview of the beginning of atomic physics: spectral lines and Rydberg formula, the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, and various unit systems used in atomic physics.
Sept. 1 Lecture 2: Spinless
hydrogenic atoms and ions
Solving the Schrödinger equation for one-electron systems, and recovering the Bohr model results for hydrogen (with infinitely massive nucleus).

Sept. 6 Labor Day - No classes
Sept. 8 Dresden Workshop - No classes

Sept. 13 Lecture 3: Relativistic corr. Summary of spinless hydrogenic systems, and introduction to angular momenta (orbital, general, and electron spin). We begin to investigate relativistic corrections.
Sept. 15 Lecture 4: Dirac equation We introduce the Dirac equation for a free particle, and show that it imlies the spin 1/2 of the electron. We generalize the treatment to an electron in a static electric Coulomb field, and obtain certain relativistic corrections.

Sept. 20 Lecture 5: Size of corrections We finish the relativistic corrections and evaluate their effects on hydrogen energy levels. We also briefly discuss the Lamb shift.


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