Special events for November 2006

11/8/2006 - Mercury transit

On Wednesday, Nov 8th, the planet Mercury will pass directly in front the Sun. The transit begins at 2:12 pm EST (11:12 am PST) and lasts for almost five hours. For details click here. DO NOT try to look at the Sun directly using any kind of telescope / binoculars since it would almost certainly permanently damage your eyes!

Transit will be visible from entire East coast and there will be a public observing session on top of Physics building in Gant Science complex at University of Connecticut, weather permitting.

11/18/2006 - Peak of Leonid Meteor Shower

Leonid meteor shower is expected to peak around 11pm - 12:45am(11/19) EST. Check this link for details.

A special visual observing session will be organized if there are students who are interested in participating. Please send an email to Marko or Ila if you would like to come.