Moshe Gai
Faculty Moshe Gai Ph.D., Professor of Physics and Director, LNS
Adjunct Professor of Physics, Yale
Research Group Affiliation:
Laboratory for Nuclear Science
University of Connecticut, Avery Point
Brandford House
1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340
Room No: 313
Phone: (860) 405 9068
Fax: (860) 405 9075

My research activities are split between being a facilitator of a newly emerging research group at UConn in Nuclear Physics with the creation of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science and my own research activities that encompass studies in Nuclear Astrophysics, precission and high sensitivity measurements of electro-weak phenomena and studies of the structure of the nucleon. I enjoy engaging young students in Science and I enjoy my teaching at UConn. And it shows... come and join my class where excitement, intellectual stimulation and my lust for science is guaranteed to “infect” you. I will teach you how a scientist thinks and how close to home Physics is.

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