Gerald V. Dunne
Faculty Gerald V. Dunne Ph.D., Professor of Physics Research Group Affiliation:
Particle and Field Theory
University of Connecticut
2152 Hillside Road, U-3046
Storrs, CT 06269-3046
Room No: P422
Phone: (860) 486 4978
Fax: (860) 486 3346

Research in theoretical particle physics, with particular emphasis on gauge theories such as QED (quantum electrodynamics) and QCD (quantum chromodynamics). My main focus is to explore the mysterious region between the perturbative and non-perturbative domains of quantum field theories. Much of my recent work has been in the context of planar (2+1-dimensional) gauge theories known as Chern-Simons theories. I also conduct an active research program in computational methods in quantum field theory and quantum mechanics.

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