Steven A. Boggs
Ph.D., Research Professor in Materials Science
Institute of Materials Science
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269

Tel: (860) 486 5298

Fax: (508) 531-1785


Steven Boggs

Research interests include electro-thermal phenomena and degradation which occur in solid and gaseous dielectrics under conditions of high electric fields. In polymeric solids, such phenomena are investigated numerically through the development and application of codes for transient nonlinear finite element analysis with coupled thermal and electric fields as well as experimentally through measurements of "charge injection" using a guarded needle or electroluminescence using a semiconducting needle. Other areas of interest include gaseous breakdown under inhomogeneous thermal and/or electric field conditions and development of breakdown channels in solids. Programs for transient nonlinear finite element analysis have been applied to a wide range of physical systems to investigate electro-thermal performance of ZnO nonlinear dielectrics used as surge arresters in power systems, computation of electro-thermal runaway in oil-paper high voltage dielectrics, including the effects of paper decomposition and the resulting change in dielectric loss, etc. High frequency losses in shielded power cables and the implications for diagnostics such as partial discharge detection, power system reliability, etc. constitute another of active research.

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