Particles, Astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics Seminar

ΔI = 3/2 Kaon Weak Matrix Elements with Non-Zero Total Momentum

Takeshi Yamazaki
Postdoctoral Fellow
UConn Physics Department

I present calculation of ΔI = 3/2 kaon decay matrix elements using domain wall fermions and the DBW2 gauge action at one coarse lattice spacing corresponding to a-1 = 1.3 GeV. It is important to treat two-pion interaction effect directly on lattice to obtain the matrix elements. To do this, we employ an extension of the Lellouch and Lüscher formula for non-zero total momentum. We compare the result with not only the experiment but also the previous result calculated with H-parity boundary conditions. We also show the results of the isospin I=2 ππ scattering phase shift and scattering length.

Monday, October 30, 2006
2:00 pm
Gant Science Complex
Physics Department
Room P121

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