World Year of Physics 2005
Einstein Centennial Colloquium Series

Einstein, Ethics and the Atomic Bomb

Dr. Patricia Rife
Graduate School of Management and Technology
University of Maryland

Albert Einstein was a scientist with a social conscience, who time and again demonstrated his opposition to war via public speaking venues, alliances with a variety of organizations.

Dr. Patricia Rife, a historian of science and technology from the University of Maryland Graduate School, will talk on the topic “Einstein, Ethics and the Atomic Bomb”. Dr. Rife’s research for her book "Lise Meitner and the Dawn of the Nuclear Age", (Boston: Birkhauser, 1999) documented the discovery of nuclear fission (by a Jewish woman physicist) and many of the views and work of the “Berlin Circle”, which included Einstein, Max Planck (father of the quantum), Hertz, Geiger and others.

Einstein’s historic 1939 letter to President Roosevelt warning of the danger of Nazi Germany gaining control of uranium, etc. in order to develop atomic weapons, and in 1945, participating in the formation of the “Emergency Committee for Atomic Scientists” will be documented and discussed in this public lecture. With over 100 rare and historic slides, Dr. Patricia Rife will review Albert Einstein’s philosophic convictions about peace, his private and public stand against war (1914-1946), and his ethical stand against nuclear weapons.

Friday, September 9, 2005
4:00 PM
Dodd Center, Konover Auditorium

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