Charles A. Reynolds Distinguished Lecture Series

Superfluid 4He and Critical Phenomena

John D. Reppy
John L. Wetherill Professor
Department of Physics, Cornell University

One of the major developments in condensed matter physics in the second half of the Twentieth Century has been the blossoming of our understanding of phase transitions and critical phenomena. Remarkable theoretical progress has been made, as recognized by Ken Wilson's Nobel prize for his development of renormalization group theory and its application to critical phenomena. Remarkable experiments, particularly with superfluid helium, have provided the impetus and testing ground for the new understanding. This talk will deal with several milestone experiments in this field. These experiments involved state of the art thermal measurements and have required the "free-fall" conditions only available in space flight.

Monday, April 26, 2004
4:00 PM
Biology/Physics Building
Room BSP130

(Refreshments will be served prior to the talk at 3:30 in the Gant Science Complex, Physics Library, Room P-103)

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