Particles, Astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics Seminar

The Electric Form Factor of the Neutron

Glen A. Warren

University of Virginia

The electromagnetic structure of the proton and neutron are described by four form factors. Of these four, the electric form factor of the neutron Gen may prove to be the most sensitive to study how nucleons are constructed from quarks and gluons. Despite this motivation, Gen is the least well measured of the four form factor. Experimental difficulties arise from the small value for Gen, systematic issues of using nuclear targets as a neutron target, and difficulties detecting neutrons. We addressed each of these issues by determining Gen from measurements of the beam-target asymmetry for the d(e,e,n)p reaction for quasielastically scattered electrons. We present the preliminary results from our measurements conducted in 2001 as well discuss the impact on our understanding of nucleon form factors in general.

Monday, April 8, 2002
1:00 PM
Gant Science Complex
Physics Department
Room P121

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