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Computer and Network Support FAQ

Chosing, setting, changing passwords

  1. What passwords do I need to access the physics computers?

    You need a single password in order to have full access to your accounts on the Physics Department computers, including the access to Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac machines.

  2. What are the rules for passwords on the physics computers?

    Passwords must be at least eight characters long. Passwords must contain three of the following:

    We currently do not enforce any other regulation. However you are asked to comply with the following guidelines.

    One possible method for picking a good password is to make up your own acronym. For example, good Passwords are not that hard to choose would be gPanth2c.

    Another possibility is to use several words separated by punctuation/digits, such as e.g. hill*grass9.

    Yet another option is to use special password generators, such as apg install on the Computer Lab machines.

  3. How do I change my password for the physics computers?

    When you requested your account on the physics department computers, you were assigned an initial password. From time to time, at your own discretion, you are expected to change the password, and to keep your password to yourself. To change your password you can use the Physics Computer Account Password Change Web Interface. Alternatively, to use command line interface login onto one of the departmental Linux machines and the command prompt type the command kpasswd (/usr/kerberos/bin/kpasswd). You will be prompted for your old password, and then you must type your new password twice.

  4. What are the uses of my password?

    When you log onto a Linux, Mac, or Windows workstation from its own keyboard, the password is used to confirm your identity. When you access a workstation remotely, you also must make use of your password. At present, the only allowed modes of network access is ssh. Your password also functions as your login password for the departmental mail server.

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