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Access to Electronic Journals

  1. Can I access electronic versions of scientific journals from my desktop?

    The University of Connecticut main library maintains university wide site licenses to a quite large number of electronic journals (about 30,000 journals as of April 2006) which allow the downloading of articles directly to any computer on the campus network.

  2. What exactly is the restriction to the "campus network"?

    Any computer in the domain (internet name ends with or, more precisely, whose IP address begins with 137.99) is considered to be a part of the campus network. This not only includes office machines but also home access through the UConn VPN service.

  3. For which journals does the unversity library have an online subscription?

    For an up-to-date listing of online subscriptions direct your web browser to

  4. Whom should I contact for more information about electronic journals?

    All questions regarding electronic journals should be directed first to Philip Mannheim, who is serving as a library contact person.

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