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Computer and Network Support FAQ

Quotas questions

  1. What is my disk quota? How can I encrease it?

  2. What is my INBOX quota?

Disaster recovery

  1. I have just typed "rm *" by accident in the wrong place and all my files are gone. Can I get them back?

  2. A couple of days ago I deleted some of my files. How do I get them back?

  3. While working in front of a Linux workstation in the Physics Computer Lab I run into computer trouble. May I reboot my computer? I hope this will solve my problem.

Setting up and maintaining your physics web page

  1. I have created an html file on my own computer that I want to make my homepage. How do I put this file "on the web?"

  2. It is possible to use scripts to dynamically create web pages on our web server?

  3. (Students) Once my homepage is "on the web," how do I get it listed on the department homepage?

  4. (Faculty) I don't like the page the department created for me and I want to change it. How can I change it? How can I add links from it to other documents (publications, CV, etc.)?

  5. Should I provide a link back to the Physics Dept. page from my homepage?

  6. I downloaded my files to the server as instructed but they don't look right on the web. What did I do wrong?

Chosing, setting, changing passwords

  1. What passwords do I need to access the physics computers?

  2. What are the rules for passwords on the physics computers?

  3. How do I change my password for the physics computers?

  4. What are the uses of my password?

Remote access to Department's computers

  1. What is ssh?

  2. Where can I get a freeware ssh client for my computer?

  3. Are telnet and ftp safe for use over the internet?

  4. I am a system administrator of a Linux computer in my office/lab. Is it possible to export securely my home directory from the Department's file server to my computer?

  5. How can I run programs with graphic user interface on a Computer Lab's machine from a remote computer?

  6. To what computers in the Computer Lab can I connect?

Access to electronic journals

  1. Can I access electronic versions of scientific journals from my desktop?

  2. What exactly is the restriction to the "campus network"?

  3. For which journals does the unversity library have an online subscription?

  4. Whom should I contact for more information about electronic journals?


  1. How can I read my email on the physics mail server?

  2. How can I read my email on the physics mail server securely?

  3. How can I forward all my physics email to another account?

  4. How can I setup filters to guard against emails identified by the University's or Department's mail servers as spam or virus?

  5. How do I find my NetID ?

  6. How can I use UConn LDAP server for my Address Book?


  1. What Computer Aided Design (CAD) program is used in the Department? Where I can find documentations?

Printers & Printing

  1. What printers are available for the Department's members?

  2. How can I print black&white documents on both sides of the page in portrait mode?

  3. How can I print black&white documents on both sides of the page in landscape mode?

  4. How can I print black&white documents on a single side of the page?

  5. How can I print color documents?

  6. How can I print posters?

  7. Should I alarm system administrators if I see the message "Toner low" or "Out of toner" on the control panel of a printer?

Scanners & Scanning

  1. What scanners are available for the Department's members?

  2. Can I scan slides or films?

  3. What software should I use with the scanner?

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