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Carbon in the 21st Century

Connecticut Nanotechnology Initiative (CNI)
and the
Nano-Biotechnology Research Group at the
Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut

in conjunction with the

Fall 2007 Joint Meeting of the New England Sections of the
American Physical Society and the
American Association of Physics Teachers


Nano-Biotechnology Conference

Friday, October 19

8:00 AM--Noon Registration
8:30 AM IMS-20 Plenary Talk:
Alexander Star, University of Pittsburgh
Carbon Nanotube FET-Based Biosensors
9:30 AM IMS-20 Plenary Talk:
Shirley Tang, University of Waterloo
Interactions of Carbon Nanotubes with Biological Systems on Molecular and Cellular Levels
10:30 AM Refreshment Break
10:50 AM IMS-20 Plenary Talk:
James Rusling, UConn
Highly Sensitive Immunodetection of Cancer Biomarkers using Carbon Nanotube Amplification Schemes
Noon Lunch

APS / AAPT New England Meeting

Friday, October 19

8:00 AM--6:00 PM Registration
Noon--6:00 PM Exibitors
1:30 PM PB-36 Welcome
1:45 PM PB-36 Plenary Talk:
Antonio Castro Neto, Boston University
Drawing Conclusions from Graphene
2:45 PM Refreshment Break
3:00 PM PB-36 Plenary Talk:
Philip Kim, Columbia University
Relativistic Quantum Physics at Your Pencil Tips: Dirac Fermion in Graphitic Carbon
4:00 PM PB-36 Plenary Talk:
Tony Heinz, Columbia University
Optical Spectroscopy and Dynamics in Carbon Nanotubes
5:00 PM Poster Session
Place: Gant Science Building, Ground Floor
6:30 PM Banquet
Place: Student Union Ballroom
7:30 PM Post-banquet talk:
Harry Kroto, Florida State University
Architecture in Nano-Space

APS / AAPT New England Meeting

Saturday, October 20

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM IMS-147A AAPT Executive Committee Breakfast Meeting
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Registration
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM PB-38/36 Lobby Exibitors

Parallel APS and AAPT talks

APS Contributed Talks AAPT Invited Talks: Art & Physics
8AM - 9:45AM
8AM - 9:45AM
8AM - 9:45AM
Physics of Vision
Theory General Physics
8:00 AM George Gibson, UConn
Physics of Music
9:00 AM Fred Myers, Glastonbury Publ. Sch.
Physics of Photography
9:45 AM Refreshment Break

Parallel APS and AAPT talks

APS Invited Talks AAPT Contributed Talks
10:00 AM PB-36 Plenary Talk:
Walter de Heer, Georgia Tech
Epitaxial Graphene: A New Material for Electronics
11:00 AM PB-36 Plenary Talk:
Codruta Zoican and Lisa Pfefferle, Yale University
Exploration of Nanotube Structure Selectivity Using Bimetallic Catalysts
Noon--1:30 PM

Lunch break

Lunch Time Sessions

Noon--1:30 PM Women's Center,
Student Union
Women & minorities luncheon
Ronald Mallett, UConn
Time Travel (registration required)
Noon--1:30 PM IMS-147A

APS Executive Committee lunch meeting

Noon--1:30 PM PB-38 David Perry, UConn
Bring your favorite demo session (registration required)

Parallel AAPT workshops

Registration is required for all workshops.
1:30 PM PB-36 William Gerace & Ian Beatty, UMass Amherst
Question Driven Instruction with Classroom Response Technology
1:30 PM IMS-20 Christine Broadbridge, SCSU
Nanocharacterization: Atomic Scale Visualization with Microscopy
1:30 PM M-203 Eugenia Etkina, Rutgers University
The Role of Experiment in Physics Education
1:30 PM PB-121 Russell Harkay, Keene State College
Phenomenal Physics-A Guided Inquiry Curriculum for Pre-College Education, Teacher Preparation, and Conceptual Physics Instruction at the College Level
2:00 PM PB-38 Laurence Gould, University of Hartford
Global Warming: A Critical View

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